Student Policies

Tution Payment Policy

Tuition and Lab Fees must be paid upon registration. Tuition may be paid by cash (in person only), check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover). There is a $25 cancellation fee. Refunds will be made up to 3 days before class begins, less the $25 cancellation fee. There will be no refund, credit, or make-up classes for student absence or classes cancelled due to inclement weather. The Baum School of Art reserves the right to change instructors or discontinue any class without incurring liability or obligation. Classes that do not meet the minimum registration requirement may be cancelled and the student will receive a full refund.

Classroom Policy

Registered students, the instructor, and Baum School staff, and approved aids, are the only individuals permitted in the classroom during class time and lab time. Other individuals, including family members, friends, and students not registered for the scheduled class are not allowed in the rooms, unless they have prior permission from the administration and are identified with a visitor pass.

Photography Policy

The Baum School of Art reserves the right to use photographs taken during classes and other programs for the promotion of the school. Any student, parent, or guardian who does not wish to be photographed or have a child photographed, must notify The Baum School of Art upon registration.

Artwork Pickup Policy

Student artwork will be held 30 days after the course end date. All work will be subject to discard after the 30 day period.

Youth Student Sign Out

Parents/guardians are responsible for picking up their children and will be required to sign their children out of class. Parents/guardians must indicate if there are other authorized individuals allowed to pick up their children from The Baum School of Art upon registration. Children are expected to be picked up on time at the end of class. In the case a parent/guardian is more than 10 minutes late picking up a child, instructors may escort the child to the lobby and administration will contact the child’s parent/guardian. If administration cannot reach the parent/guardian, the emergency contacts/authorized pickup individual will be notified. In the event that we cannot reach any responsible parties, the police will be called to escort the child home.


The Baum School will not serve food or drink during class. Treats can be handed out at the end of class to parents. Students with special needs may notify administration prior to the start of class. All classes will take a short break – students may eat their snacks at this time. Students may bring a snack from home or may purchase a snack at the snack machine before the start of class. Children may not use the snack machines during class.


If a child has a food allergy it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify administration of the child’s allergies and necessary accommodations upon registration and provide appropriate medicine, such as an Epi-Pen, with written instructions.

Dress Code

Sturdy, closed toed shoes are required. The following clothing is unacceptable to wear to class: roller shoes, flip flops, and clothing with offensive language. Students coming to class dressed inappropriately may be asked to leave. Students are encouraged to wear clothing that can get dirty.

Personal Property

Please leave jewelry and valuables at home. The Baum School will not be responsible for lost or broken personal belongings. Please do not disrupt the class with cell phones or other electronic device usage.

Inclement Weather and School Closing

When the weather or roads are questionable, students and staff should check the television, internet, or radio for cancellations or delays, or call The Baum School of Art to hear the voice mail message. The school posts closing information on WFMZ. The School makes every effort to salt and remove snow, but students should report undesirable conditions to the office. There are no makeup sessions or refunds for inclement weather.

Injury or Illness

Every effort will be made to support an individual in the event of injury or illness. The School will provide no medications; only assist the individual in taking their own supply, if parents/guardians indicated medication on the Student Information Sheet. If a child is ill, or is symptomatic of a communicable illness (i.e., vomiting, fever), that child’s parents will be contacted to pick up the student. Parents/guardians are asked to refrain from bringing their child to class showing any symptoms of communicable illness.


Students will exit with their class to the current gathering place which is the sidewalk on the opposite side of the Allentown Arts Park, behind the old courthouse. Do not use the elevators. If you require a handicap exit route from the second or third floors- locate the emergency call button in the stair well at the east side (5th Street) of the building. Push the button and wait for assistance from a fire professional.

Code of Conduct

Students may admire, but not touch other students’ work or tools. No student has the right to purposefully interfere with the education, workspace, machine setup, personal space, or materials of another student or artist. It is the responsibility of all students to respect the rights of instructors and fellow students involved in any of the studio areas.

Harassment and Discrimination

The Baum School of Art is committed to providing equal opportunity and access to programs, facilities, and employment for all individuals. The School prohibits discrimination and harassment against any individual based upon age, ancestry, race, disability, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

Americans with Disabilities

The Baum School of Art will provide reasonable accommodations as defined by law.

Indemnification Policy

In consideration of said student’s participation at The Baum School of Art, I/we hereby forever release, indemnify, hold harmless, and forever discharge The Baum School of Art, their officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, successors, and assigns from any and all liability, loss, damage, action and expense resulting from property damage and/or personal injury incurred by said student which may result from said student’s participation in any and all activities of The Baum School of Art.

Thank you for supporting The Baum School of Art.


Maybe you have never picked up a brush, a pastel, a stick of charcoal, or a slab of clay – or maybe you have been creating art for years. Either way, everyone can make a mark at The Baum School of Art. How will you make yours?

— Artwork by Maur Levan, Student