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IZANAMI - FRANCIS BEATY, Artist-In-Residence

Make A Mark

Come Join Us—You’re Invited!

Francis will invite the community to explore the outer reaches of our imagination with a science fiction twist—how could we imagine the arrival of otherworldly or extraterrestrial creatures? What would they look like? What environment could we create? Using a variety of nontraditional materials, we will explore the practice of installation art, community collaboration, and broaden the definition of art, who makes it, and what materials we can use to make art together.

Public events and activities will incorporate collaborations from the general public, and guests will be able to observe our creations “arrive,” as the installation unfolds over the course of the month-long project.

SUMMER CAMP – Installation Art project
Summer campers will have opportunities to meet Francis and create with her as part of the Afternoon Adventures, and Imagination, Exploration, and Inspiration Studios. In addition, students ages 12-17 will have the opportunity to participate in a weeklong Installation Art Camp during Week 4: July 16-20, 2018.