Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are awarded to students with talent, passion, and desire for growth in the visual arts.


Youth Merit Scholarship awards

Merit scholarship awards are granted each spring session to children and teen Baum School students at Open House based on recommendations from Baum School faculty members. The following is the list of the merit scholarships awarded:

  • Dr. Rudy S. Ackerman Memorial Award
  • Rose Ackerman Fashion Scholarship
  • David E. Baum Memorial Scholarship
  • Walter Emerson Baum Memorial Award
  • Edgar and June Baum Memorial Award
  • Barbara and Nolan Benner, Jr. Memorial Award
  • Harry Bertoia Memorial Award
  • Barba-Del Campbell Memorial Award
  • Morris and Myrtle Corbman Foundation Scholarship Award
  • Mary Lou Cummings Memorial Scholarship Award
  • Charles C. Dent Memorial Award
  • Linny and Beall Fowler Scholarship Award
  • Ellen Grim Harter Memorial Scholarship
  • Theodore “Tom” Heeps Memorial Award
  • John Hudders Memorial Award
  • Nancy Kaiser Memorial Scholarship
  • Bob and Sandy Lovett Scholarship Award
  • Hans and Helen Moller Memorial Award
  • Jim and Bertie Musselman Scholarship Award
  • Art Potosnak Memorial Award
  • David E. Rodale Memorial Award
  • Lawrence Reppert Memorial Scholarship Award
  • Dr. Samuel Silberg Memorial Award
  • Martin Stogniew Scholarship Award
  • Barbara Strohl Memorial Award
  • Bernie Tyler Scholarship
  • Brad Wlazelek Memorial Scholarship
  • The William Zwikl Photography Scholarship Award

The 7th Congressional District High School Art Competition -
“An Artistic Discovery” 

This exhibition and competition is open to high school students in the 7th Congressional District. The First Prize winning piece is sent to Washington, D.C. to be displayed in the Halls of Congress for one year. Additional award winners are awarded scholarships to study at The Baum School of Art.


Maybe you have never picked up a brush, a pastel, a stick of charcoal, or a slab of clay – or maybe you have been creating art for years. Either way, everyone can make a mark at The Baum School of Art. How will you make yours?

— Artwork by Ken Mizerny