A dedicated staff that promotes the joy of art-making to benefit its surrounding community.

Their commitment to community, creativity, and excellence shines clearly as our mission continues year after year.

Board of Trustees 2019

A passionate group of advocates, shaping the future of the school through their commitment, experience, and generosity.

All of what we do would not possible without the unbridled and enthusiastic dedication of these great people.

Janet Gross

Derek Grim
1st Vice President

John-Carl Brew

Lisa Fraenkel

  • Marco Calderon
  • Richard Caruso, Emeritus
  • Erika Christofaro-Melton
  • Pamela Dent
  • J. Lawrence Grim, Jr.
  • Mitch Hanna
  • Holly Harter
  • Raymond Holland, Emeritus
  • Jason Killo
  • J. Robert Lovett
  • Christine Martin
  • Robbie Matthews
  • Larry Miley
  • D. Richard Powell
  • Elizabeth Snelling
  • Michelle Sorgi
  • Shelbi Rodale Stoneback
  • Michael Stoudt


Maybe you have never picked up a brush, a pastel, a stick of charcoal, or a slab of clay – or maybe you have been creating art for years. Either way, everyone can make a mark at The Baum School of Art. How will you make yours?

— Artwork by Maur Levan, Student