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Fall Gala 2018

Fall Gala 2018

Larry Miley has generously served as a member of The Baum School of Art’s Board of Trustees spanning the past five decades. He is the epitome of a dedicated supporter, generous philanthropist, and strong arts advocate. Through the years, Larry’s impeccable style, charm, and enthusiasm for the school has multiplied the community’s support of the school’s mission. Many in the community know him as the man who loves art so much that he lives in a gallery—The Hans Moller Studio. He has championed the legacy of Hans Moller, with proceeds from the sales of Moller’s works benefitting both The Baum School of Art and the Allentown Art Museum. He is fondly known for his hospitality and warmth, along with his commitment to artists, arts institutions, and arts education. It is Larry’s unwavering commitment that makes this year’s gala so very special. Please join us in celebrating Larry and his dedication to the arts in Allentown.


Maybe you have never picked up a brush, a pastel, a stick of charcoal, or a slab of clay – or maybe you have been creating art for years. Either way, everyone can make a mark at The Baum School of Art. How will you make yours?

— Artwork by Shawn Campbell, Student