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Make a Mark

Make A Mark


After “jet” setting for 42 years as a flight attendant, Jet Marshall thought that she was going to miss her exciting, adventurous life, so she created a bucket list. Between traveling, yoga, biking, Zumba, and painting, Jet’s retired life is anything but boring. She has always kept two things a constant through most of her life—traveling and art, and she was ready to explore them in a different way.

Jet first discovered The Baum School of Art after spending the day visiting the Allentown Art Museum. She looked across the street, saw The Baum School of Art, and decided to inquire about classes. Fast forward five years later, and Jet is still taking classes at the school regularly. She likes to try out different classes and instructors. She first enrolled in Dana Van Horn’s Painting Workshop and continued that for a few sessions, experimenting with drawing in between, but she found that it just was not the same to her as painting.

Jet was worried that after she retired, she would be bored and miss her life in the sky; but she was wrong. With the help of her bucket list and her explorative nature, Jet has more than enough to keep her busy. She currently calls Coopersburg, the Poconos and New York City her home bases and keeps up with traveling often. In fact, most of Jet’s paintings serve as a running scrapbook of places she has visited.

She is currently enrolled in Monika Stefany’s Portrait and Genre Painting class, creating beautiful portraits of family members and neighbors. She says that since the class is on the smaller side, it almost seems like you are getting a private lesson. However, Jet states that, “What really makes the class is Monika—she is so patient, takes the time to explain things in detail, and is a terrific guide throughout your whole creative process.” Regardless of the class size, Monika works hard to give every student individualized attention and talk through the specifics of their paintings. Jet was excited to take this new class with Monika and said, “I will definitely be taking this class again—I am just getting started!”

In the past 5 years, she has created about 40 paintings, and displays many of them in her home. One day a guest came into her house and was in awe by all of her beautiful pieces. He came back the next week with a photograph of him and his wife and asked if Jet would paint a portrait of them. Jet was flattered, especially since she had just began working on portraits recently. She may tackle that painting during the Spring session with Monika!

When asked how she would respond to someone who is interested in taking a class at The Baum School, but is hesitant to take the first step, Jet replied, “I would just talk to them and share all of my great experiences.” One of the things that Jet loves most about The Baum School of Art is the positive, happy, encouraging atmosphere. She loves being able to make art and grow as an artist.