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Make a Mark

Make A Mark


What’s the recipe for a long, happy life and marriage? We have no idea, but we think Doe and Maur might know the secret! This dynamic nonagenarian duo have been married almost 70 years, and have been taking classes at The Baum School of Art for many years. Maur has, since retiring, explored watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, art history, and most recently sculpture with Renzo. He managed country clubs and Yacht Clubs for 35 years, and participated in an occasional chorus in community theatre productions. Doe, has yet to retire—she has been a travel agent for the past 30 years, competed as a speed skater, managed theatre productions, and creates wearable art in our jewelry and metalsmithing classes at The Baum School of Art. Both are active volunteers at local organizations, such as Dream Come True of the Lehigh Valley, the DaVinci Science Center, and Good Shepherd. They share a friendship and a marriage that has stood the test of time, and they share an energy and zest for life, art, and community service that is inspiring.

Thirty years ago, Doe was working in an office building on Linden Street and watched The Baum School being built every day. She told her boss that she was going to go to school there when it was completed—and she did just that! She has been taking jewelry classes at the school on and off for over 30 years. After Maur retired, she encouraged him to take art classes, first drawing and painting at Cedar Crest College, then the senior center with Jack Eagle and, finally ending up at The Baum School of Art. First he enjoyed a painting class with Dana Van Horn, and then he noticed the Figure and Portrait Sculpture class taught by Renzo Faggioli. He was very interested in creating things with his hands, but knew he did not want to throw pots on the wheel. He enrolled in the class and knew he found his medium. Maur says that Renzo “is a wonderful teacher and always takes as much time as needed with students. He shows us different ways and processes to create our sculptures.”

Doe first began studying Jewelry at a class at Parkland High School when her children attended there. She too wanted to work with her hands. Then she studied at Cedar Crest College with Nelson Maniscalo, and when she began at The Baum School of Art, her instructor was Ann Lalik. Now she takes class with Martha Westbrook. Doe says “Martha is a great teacher. Her explanations are easy to follow and her patience with me is always appreciated!”

Both Doe and Maur attribute keeping active and interested in things, such as art, keeps them young at heart. Doe says, “Being able to explore different aspects of life has kept us from being bored and growing old. We see so many folks much younger than us that have given up and say ‘Oh I can’t do that,’ or ‘I’m too tired.’ When I tell people that I bought roller blades for my 70th birthday, they don’t believe me! I used them and enjoyed them… until I had to go downhill!”