Student Spotlight

Make a Mark

Make A Mark


At just eleven years old, Katie Lu is a girl who knows what she wants. When she was five she told her mom that she wanted to take art classes and began coming to The Baum School of Art with a group of three of her friends. Her mom, Anna, says that Katie has wanted to continue ever since, trying out different classes along the way. Two sessions ago, Katie decided to try Fashion Design and it has quickly become her favorite art class. So much so, that Katie already has a clear plan for her future. She has set her sights on becoming a New York fashion designer, and she wants to attend Parsons School of Design in New York to study Fashion Design in college! This year, she is applying to attend their summer youth program in fashion!

Katie loves the creativity that comes with Fashion Design; she says “I like how you can mix and match everything and create almost anything.” Katie’s instructor, Sarah Mueller, says that she can see that Katie has a lot of natural talent when it comes to fashion design and is excited that she wants to continue her studies of fashion in college. Katie says, “I enjoy Ms. Sarah’s class because even though I am a little quiet, she gets me and what I am trying to do. She is so supportive and can help you with anything!”

Katie now has a sewing machine that she uses in class and at home. She said it took her a little while to figure out the bobbins, but now she is getting the hang of it. The next project Katie wants to create is a two-layer polka dot high-low skirt. Like her mom says, “she has no hesitations and just jumps right in and know what she wants.” We think that will take Katie far in her dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer.